Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joann talks lash extensions and preventative skincare

Luckily Austinites aren’t subjected to harsh winters, but the weather does change, the heaters kick on and our skin is subjected to this. What are your tips for adapting to these changes?
‘Stay hydrated. This is a great time to do a series of peels to help repair the damage from the summer. Another option is microdermabrasion, which typically uses mineral crystals to help remove wrinkles. However, at Sabia, we use the NewApeel DiamondTome System, which does not use crystals, therefore resulting in little or no irritation.’
Tell us about some of the lash services that you offer
‘I love doing lash extensions! I have been doing them for about four (4) years now, they are so much FUN and make getting ready in the morning so much easier. A synthetic lash is individually applied to one of your natural lashes using surgical glue. I can create a natural look or we can make them look very dramatic, and who doesn’t want longer more lush looking lashes without the use of mascara?’

What is your before bed beauty ritual?
‘I have to say, I agree with Elizabeth and Emily, the Clarisonic is the best at washing away the day. Many of us don’t realize that it's important to spend a full minute washing our faces. The Clarisonic has a timer, so when it beeps, you are done! 
I use the LHA Cleanser with my Clarisonic brush, I then follow with the LHA Solution to remove dead skin and residual makeup and sunscreen and LHA Serum to loosen the bonds that hold dead skin together and finish up with A.G.E. Interrupter as moisturizer and A.G.E. eye complex, all by SkinCeuticals, Revitalash for my lashes and  Jao lip balm. While this may sound like quite a few steps, the key to aging gracefully is preventative skincare’
 *We mentioned the LHA Serum a couple of weeks ago here.

Stay tuned as we wrap up our week with Joann tomorrow! 

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  1. We are thrilled that Joann Ramirez using the Clarisonic in her skincare routine and agree that spending enough time cleansing you face is very important!