Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finishing up with Miss Emily

Emily has been so busy this week! But, we finally got her to answer our last set of questions...
Can you tell us what is always a staple in your purse?
‘Whether Im heading out on the town or to work, I always have TRUE pressed powder in Fair 1 and Jao Lip Balm.

What music have you been listening to lately?
‘I have been really into the male singer songwriters lately. David Gray, Amos Lee, Pete Yorn and Matt Nathanson.
Whats the last film you saw at the cinema?
Eat, Pray, Love’ - however, I wasn't a big fan. I thought the character was a bit whiney for my taste’
Do you have a favorite local coffee shop?
Sweetish Hill! Im there every other day for breakfast and a latte, skim no foam (in case anyone is wondering), please and thanks!’
Staple item from your closet?
‘Any of my scarves! This Southern girl is NOT OK with cold weather!’

What is your favorite TV Show?
Gossip Girl! I love the boys and the fashion is TO DIE!’
Favorite Austin restaurant?
‘Austin has so so many great restaurants! Too difficult to choose just one, but I return to Moonshine, Perlas, Imperia and Eddie V's
Favorite Austin Landmark?
Town Lake is where I take my pups!

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