Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Introducing Joann Ramirez

Where are you from?
‘Buda, TX'
What is your expertise?
‘Waxing, brow shaping & lash extensions’

Tricks of the trade?
‘Everything in moderation. There is something very beautiful about a woman who looks natural and ages gracefully. It’s understandable to want to slow the process via peels and injectables, just do it in moderation.’
Favorite beauty product?
‘I LOVE the LHS products by SkinCeuticals!! My skin feels smoother and my makeup looks better ever since I started using this line of products. 
I also can’t stop using the Goe oil by Jao after showering, no more dry skin!’ 
Favorite icon?
‘John Lennon’

Favorite Author?
‘At the moment, I am reading ‘Freedom’ by Jonathan Franzen, but I really enjoyed the ‘Millennium Trilogy’ by Steig Larsson, which started with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Astrological Sign?
‘Technically they are my grandkids dogs, but I'll go ahead and include them :) PeeWee, Penny, Ziggy Ringo and Churchill’
Favorite Botanical?

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