Thursday, November 4, 2010

'It's good to pay attention to your skin' says Emily Collins

Do you have any recommendations as we move into the drier winter months?
‘Add Inventive Organic Jojoba Oil to your moisturizer to give it a boost, this way you can finish your product and buy a stronger one when your done, plus it eliminates waste!’
Tips on skincare?
You should pay attention to your skin. My skin fluctuates daily on how much moisturizer I need, or if any at all, especially in the Texas heat . In cases like these, I use the Hydrobalance Tonic from the Inventive Line to thin out my moisturizer or just the tonic by itself if I'm feeling too oily.'
What is your before bed ritual?
‘My ritual is consistently going thru my routine every night! When you change your routine drastically, your skin can look dull or break out.
Our skin loves consistency. However, if you do change give a product at least 2 weeks to work it's magic and then decide if its right for you.

photo credit: alexandra valenti

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