Thursday, October 28, 2010

Continuing the conversation with Elizabeth Aubrey

Now that we are moving into colder weather, do you have any suggestions for adapting our skin to the climate?
'You will need a heavier moisturizer! Our skin has different needs as the weather changes. You might also want to change up your cleanser from FOAMING to something CREAMIER and less drying. Its also ok for all you RETINA gals to get back on the junk now that our skin isnt working so hard to protect us from the harsh summer sun, but SUNSCREEN is especially important for you!'

Do you recommend any supplements for skincare?
'Yes, MSM, which stands for METHYLSULFONOMETHANE and it is an incredible ANTI-INFLAMMATORY for all connective tissue. This means, it is a great help for those who suffer from arthritis, but it is also a huge support for hair, skin and nails. You can add it in your smoothie at the Daily Juice here in Austin or take a supplement in capsule form, which we carry from The Inventive Line.'

Do you have a before bed beauty ritual?
'YES! CLARISONIC, CLARISONIC, CLARISONIC. That is how I know my skin is truly clean from all the grime of the day.'

What is the one staple that we can always find in your purse?

What music have you been listening to lately?

Do you have an item of clothing or favorite accessory that you wear over and over again?
'My LIZZIE FORTUNATO necklace from KICK PLEAT (Austin) - Heavy vintage chains woven with embroidery thread. TO DIE!!'

Is there a restaurant / dish in Austin that will never get old in the eyes of your tummy? 
'Kona Kampachi at UCHI and Tuna Tar Tar at VESPAIO (Mercury be damned!)'

Favorite Austin landmark?

What do you look forward to doing during the holidays?
'Well, every year, I dress up my little Pug, VIOLET, for Halloween and we head over to the pumpkin patch for a little photo shoot. This year, she was Frida Kahlo....enjoy!'


  1. Hooray for Clarisonic before bed! It's such a great way to remove all the dirt and grime from the day. Thanks for sharing this awesome interview. If you ever have Clarisonic questions you can find us on Twitter @Clarisonic and Happy Cleansing!

  2. Thanks Clarisonic! We love carrying both the Classic, Mia and the Plus as well as the Opal!