Friday, November 19, 2010

Joann's favorite things..

What is the one staple that we can always find in your purse?
‘My iphone and Jao lip balm, that’s technically two, but they are both always in there’
What is the last movie you saw?
Winter’s Bone’ - Great film, but very heavy.

Favorite item of clothing lately?
‘I recently bought a pair of shoes from Stella Says Go, just down the street from Sabia. I love them and have been wearing them almost everyday!’
What TV show are you looking forward to watching this week?
The Big C’ on Showtime - I LOVE Laura Linney & Oliver Platt!’

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop?
‘I’m probably the only person in Austin that doesn’t drink coffee, but I like LIFT. I usually drink tea or water, but the food is great!’

Is there a restaurant or dish in Austin that never gets old to you?
‘I love UCHI and UCHIKO, I could eat at either, everyday. The crispy oysters at Jeffrey’s are amazing and when I am feeling like Mexican, El Meson has the most delicious guacamole, that, accompanied with the Horseshoe Margarita...heaven!’
What is your favorite holiday ritual?
‘My family always celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas the weekend before the actual holiday. Both of my kids are married and have children. The holidays can be a bit stressful when you have to visit the parents, in-laws, extended family, well as trying to have your own traditions. By celebrating the weekend before, it helps us to take the stress off, relax and enjoy our time together’
Favorite Austin landmark?
Town Lake, right before the sun comes up. The lake is so beautiful and you can literally see the city waking up.’

Thanks to Joann for sharing with us...until next week...

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