Friday, November 12, 2010

Lauren wraps up the week discussing the best brush, her magazine addiction and Martha Stewart

Did you ever have a hair disaster when you were growing up? 
‘I have had many a hair disaster and that is a strength in my career.  I know how it feels to have too much cut off, to not be listened to, and to grow out terrible layers for 2 years.  I remain conscious of this when considering how to cut or color my clients hair.’ 
What's the best brush in your opinion?
Mason Pearson mixed brush is great to have for detangling, smoothing, and conditioning the hair and scalp. An investment that will last many years.’

What's makes your job great?
‘I am able to constantly strive to improve because if I do not, someone else will do it better than me, in addition to that, I get to combine my creative skills with socializing!!’ 
Favorite magazines?
'Oh wow, Well, I have what someone whom I live with might call a magazine addiction. But, if I have to list them, I like the usual fashion mags like Elle and Marie Claire, I get inspiration from catalogues like J. Crew  and Martha Stewart Living (seriously good recipes in that one) and I LOVE the French couture mags that you can find for like $20 bucks at  Book People. Amazing visual stimulation!!!!’

What's your favorite holiday ritual and why?
‘I love to see people getting dressed up and looking fancy for parties and pictures.  We are so casual in Austin, it is nice to have an excuse look hot.’

Where is the last place you went on vacation?
'The Grand Canyon!! It was so amazing!'

What music have you been listening to lately?
‘My friend Anne made me a dance-y mix and it is all kinds of good stuff.  Au Revoire Simon is what comes to mind.’  
What's the last movie you saw?

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop? 
‘I have a few. Number one, Lift on South Lamar - they have this smoothie called the Elvis on Speed.
I drink it twice a week, it has nanner, peanut butter, almond milk and two shots of espresso. I think it is genius.  I also love me some Once Over on South 1st.’
What item of clothing / accessory do you pull out of your closet and wear over and over?
‘White shirts and gold chain necklaces. They never get old. Oh and boots!! I love boots more than any other shoe type.’ 
What TV show are you looking forward to watching this week?
‘I just got rid of cable as an experiment. I am watching Mad Men on Netflix.  I sometimes watch three in a row.’ 

What are your favorite places to chow down in Austin?
‘In this order:  Enoteca, Perla's, Eastside Showroom (the grits and greens!), Fonda San Miguel, Taco Deli & The Daily Juice.’
Favorite Austin landmark?
The trail around Town Lake, I cannot live without it.’  

Thanks to Lauren for taking the time to share with us....until next week!

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