Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet Kacy Carpenter

Where are you from?
'Mendota Heights, MN'

What is your expertise?

Tricks of the Trade?
'The Twist and blow, which is twisting your hair around your finger and blow drying to create soft purty waves!'

Favorite Icon?
Right now, it's my dog, DUDE, he is an unconditional lover, always excited to see us and is pretty much ALWAYS smiling.  Love that about him! More of us should be like that!
This is Dude in the snow.'

Favorite Beauty Product?
'Right now, I really am loving the Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy and the Kneipp Grape Seed Oil, it smells so amazing'

Favorite Author?
'Shel Silverstein. I love children's books!'

Astrological Sign
'I'm a Virgo. It's hard to admit...'

Favorite Botanical?
'Right now, I'm really into succulents'

...more with Kacy tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. You the bee's knees, sis! Lookin good!