Thursday, December 9, 2010

From feathers to bowl cuts with Kacy

Tell us your favorite hair products and accessories right now..
'Feather Extensions!' They are so cute, fun and an easy little peek a boo of style in your hair!'

'At the moment, my favorite shampoo is Phytonectar, it smells amazing and my hair loves it!'

Before bed beauty ritual?
'Wash my face and brush my teeth, pretty easy!'

The staple that we will always find in your purse?

Did you ever have a hair disaster growing up?
'Two words - BOWL CUT. I was little, so of course, to this day, it is still my dad's favorite haircut I have had. So sad! ;)'

What is the best part about your job?
'Working with such talented and professional ladies! I have never worked with so many people I enjoy!'

Last place you went on vacation?
'Oh, ha ha, too long ago to remember....home to Minnesota I guess, woo hoo!'

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