Friday, December 3, 2010

Farah talks work inspiration, Big Magazine and shopping in Austin

What is your favorite part of your job?
'Everything! But, if I have to narrow it down, I really enjoy sitting down and chatting with my clients, helping them to express themselves in a way that they normally don't. It doesn't have to be super deep or anything, just working together and talking in analogies to help them figure out a look or feel that they want. So fun!'

Any advice for the 'younger generation'?
"It's pretty simple, but, Smoking is very very dumb. Also, think about the environment when choosing your UV protector. There are a lot of unnatural chemicals that can be harmful to our oceans. And, as my mom always says, stand up straight and suck in your tummy!'

Although you are now back in Austin, you still work in New York as well, can you elaborate on that?
'Yes, I travel every other month to New York where I work out of the same salon that Oribe works out of when he is in NYC, so I think that is pretty cool!'

Favorite magazines?
'There is a magazine called "Big" that I love love love! It's released quarterly, its huge and filled with amazing glossy images by artists and designers from all across the globe featuring a particular concept that is 'Big' at the moment. My personal fave was 'BIG Horror', which contained so many different  crazy pictures of different artists and what is their idea of 'horror'. Utilizing beautiful models, perfectly styled and accompanied by stories of beautiful tragedies. Really unique and amazing'

Since, 'BIG' is not as readily available, I'll also take French Vogue, V, Scientific American and Nylon. 'Teen Vogue' used to be awesome, but something happened a few months ago and it's like an over 35ers mag now, and I'm not talking cool over 35ers, I'm talking mom jeans.

Favorite shops in Austin?
'Creatures will always be my fave for more than nostalgia's sake before I moved. But, New York changed me in a fancy brand kind of way so, I'd have to say that I love Spring Frost!  I also just discovered that the outlet mall in San Marcos has a Pendleton store and the Last Call by Neiman Marcus is so much better than the one that's here in town.

Favorite accessories?
'Thick bracelets / cuffs to put my hair clips on, hair ribbons and shooooooooooes'

Thanks for the share! We will finish up with Farah tomorrow!

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