Monday, December 6, 2010

Farah's faves from Austin to Marfa

What music have you been listening to lately?
'Tame Impala, Creedence, The Dead'

What are your favorite movies?
'Well, my family loves watching rom-coms (gag ;)), but I do it because they love it. Over Thanksgiving, we watched 'Love Actually' and I do believe, I may have had a tear in my eye at the end.
Contrary to what I previously said, my family all time faves are 'Overboard' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' My faves include the two just mentioned plus, 'Dune', 'Blade Runner' and 'Nights of Cabiria'.'

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop?
'I don't understand 'coffee shops', I just don't. But, if I had to choose, then it would have to be Emerald City Press - RIP.'

Where is the last place you went on vacation?
'Playa del Carmen, Mexico! It was amazing and I haven't been to Mexico in years and honestly I was a bit scared. But, man that place is beautiful and all of the locals were so sweet! I guess you would be happy too if you lived in paradise....wait! I almost do!'

Favorite gadget? 
'Garlic Press'

Are you looking forward to watching any TV shows this week?
'Well, I definitely don't love reality shows. I don't like to numb my mind anymore. There was a time for sure, but now I am so happy to be living in Austin that I don't like to waste what precious time I have watching TV. It is pretty hard to tie me down to make a weekly commitment besides my acupuncture (thanks Peggy G.!)'

Is there a restaurant or dish in Austin that will never get old in the eyes of your tummy?
'The Ciopinno at Vespaio, anything at Lambert's, oh and the bar side at Wink.'

So, your sister lives in Marfa. Tell us about her business there.
'I love Marfa so much! My sister, Brooke, just opened this rad vintage store called 'Little Liberty'. We have been discussing doing a pop up spa at her shop and then putting together a dance party afterwards. There is this little spot behind her store that has an amazing teepee and a dance floor that is BEGGING for a sweet party!'

Thanks to Farah for sharing with us! 

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