Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Farah on her favorite hair trends, tools and tricks

Can you tell us about any fun hair trends that you are excited about trying out on yourself or suggesting to your clients?
'YES! The Platinum Seamless extensions are the absolute coolest extensions that I have ever seen. I say this with total honesty, as I have never really loved extensions because they are not as fun to style or cut as natural hair, but the Platinum are gorgeous and move just like natural hair.'

Before bed beauty ritual?
'One cup of hot tea and I ALWAYS sleep on a silk pillowcase'

Do you have a favorite hair tool?
'Definitely the Y.S. Park Round Brush. It is hollowed out with Japanese perfection to make the brush perfectly balanced and the bristles are a mixture of boar and nylon, set in at different lengths to put a perfect tension on the hair. I would also like to add that I am in LOVE with my new Y.S. Park combs, we don't carry them at Sabia, but they are pretty amazing to cut with!'

Can you recommend any supplements that you are using in your regimen?
'Vitamin E is doing amazing things to my skin lately'

What is the one staple that is always in your purse?

Did you ever have a hair disaster when you were growing up?
'Yes! My mom might kill me for saying this, because, she too is a 'Hair Stylist Extraordinaire', but she was practicing a technique 'cutting with the curl' and I was selected as the model for a trial run. Let's just say, it wasn't a 'look for me'. The layers were a bit too short and I ended up wearing my hair in clips for most of my 6th grade year. Ironically, that is precisely the way that I cut hair now, which has evolved to cut with the natural bend of the hair. Perhaps my past experience helped me to perfect this technique into a way that works for me and my clients.'

What is your favorite holiday ritual?
'Thanksgiving for sure. My mom takes this holiday very serious, spending days cooking the sauce for her amazing lasagna. I just love any family get together, because we are always cracking jokes and laughing. But, Thanksgiving is extra special, because, everyone makes their one dish and we can spend the rest of the time enjoying each others company.'

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