Friday, November 25, 2011

Yes, yes, Thanksgiving was yesterday and we all stuffed ourselves with wonderful delicious things and spent time with our friends and family, but we here at Sabia still wanted to spread the love of what we are thankful for. Why keep it limited to one day, right?
So, in no particular order....

  • Our brand new KEURIG coffee maker, which our Lauren has gratefully gifted to Sabia! French presse, while you are always chic, you are not the most fun to we bid you au revoir! 

  • Whole Foods Austin Downtown Delivery Service - Thank you for delivering our lunch, as well as anything else we may need for it coffee, dish soap, name it! Your concierge desk is always a treat to deal with!

  • Our wonderful neighbors at Austin Bikes. Thank you for delivering our mail, sharing your water machine when ours broke, offering to take our trash because it gets dark early, and all the other 'guy stuff' you do for us.

  • And last, but not least...our customers! We are so fortunate to have such a fun and interesting group of people that we get to see on a daily basis! Thank you for being wonderful and loyal! We appreciate you. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...wherever you may be! 
xo Sabia

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