Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rubis Tweezers from Switzerland / now available at Sabia

More than sixty years ago, the first precision tweezers were developed to place ruby stones 
into watch movements.
Since then the brand Rubis has continued to represent precision tools made to authentic Swiss quality standards.
It's easy to see why Rubis Tweezers enjoy continuing
popularity among top estheticians. No longer held as a professionals only tool, home beauty users can include this precision tweezing instrument in their makeup essentials case.
What makes Rubis Tweezers special?
  • Every Rubis tweezer is hand finished.
  • Every Rubis tweezer goes through a 40 step quality assurance process before leaving the factory.
  • Every Rubis tweezer is examined under a microscope before leaving the factory.
Rubis Tweezers: Remove every hair, every time.
Available now at Sabia

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