Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspired by...BOTANICALS

A new season is upon us, wardrobe changes are about to happen and we couldn't be happier! Yes, yes, we all adore the holidays and everything that comes with it, but there is something so exciting once we begin a new year. Perhaps it's an excuse to brush off all the old and start anew and who doesn't need that every once in a while, right? That said, we are going to start incorporating new elements to our blog, it's a work in progress, so please feel free to let us know what you think, give suggestions...or gold stars...whatever it is we want to hear from you! You inspire us! 
This week we wanted to start off with a little bit of inspiration for Spring. We have had some unseasonably cold cold weather here in Austin, TX, only to be blessed with some absolutely gorgeous sunny days this past week. This time of year is always so fun around here, more so, because South By Southwest aka SXSW or South By (as we all call it) is less than a month away. It definitely brings in the crazy, but the vibe is infectious and if you want to know the truth, the fest really seems to challenge everyone step up their game when it comes to being stylish ;). 
Reading yesterday's post on WhoWhatWear Daily cemented that Spring is almost here. 

Which leads to our prediction - lots of flowery beauties rockin their cowboy boots this season.
What are you most excited to wear once it warms up?
We would love to hear!
xo Sabia

photo credit: WhoWhatWear.com  

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